Stop listening to the lies of your ego - it's keeping you stuck. You were born to face your fears and push through.

Hi! I'm Samantha Demers.

I help Driven Creators get clarity and reach their goals without burning out.

Discover the exact strategies you need to grow your audience & get over your fears, insecurities and imposter syndrome.

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Feeling like an imposter creating online?

Tell yourself this:
→ I'm experimenting.
→ I'm a contributor not a guru.
→ This is scary but I’m doing it anyway.

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FREE 30-Day Creator Accountability Group

If you're looking for some help reaching your goals, creating content and putting yourself out there, join my FREE Discord group.

This group is a place to:

  • Ask for advice
  • Share your expertise
  • Share resources & tools
  • Podcast and book recommendations
  • Plug into a supportive community of like-minded creators

There's no pressure to create every day, it's just a good way to stay on track.

Coming Soon

My book, The Creator’s Guide to Overcoming Imposter Syndrome, will be released in 2022.

My Story

For years I wanted to create content and share my thoughts with the world. I had half-written blog posts, book ideas and outlines, but I didn’t take any action.

I never shared my thoughts online and never created content of any kind.

I had ideas, but I thought they were stupid or had been said before. I thought no one would like what I had to say or people would look down on me.

Finally realizing my fears, insecurities and imposter syndrome weren't going away on their own, I decided to start writing and sharing on Twitter in March 2021.

I had no idea what I was doing. I didn't have a niche, didn't have an audience, and didn't have a voice.

Over time, I gained confidence, built an audience and started hosting live audio shows in Twitter Spaces.

The more I created, the more ideas I had. The more I shared, the more people reached out to me and invited me to speak on their podcasts and YouTube channels or contribute to their newsletters and articles.

The more I helped others, the more people messaged me asking me to help them on their journey.

The truth is, no one gives you permission to be a creator.

There's nothing to earn, no degrees needed, no scorecard or point system.

No one is coming to say "You! Be a Creator!"

You have to give yourself permission to create. Permission to experiment. Permission to test things out and see what sticks.

You can get over your imposter syndrome, perfectionism, inner critic and create content that you love.

You just need to step out and start doing it.


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